Telemedicine Physical Therapy services

Her Health Physical Therapy is committed to helping our patients, both new and existing, progress with physical therapy during this COVID-19 public health emergency. We have implemented the use of Telehealth e-visits to help to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the coronavirus. Telehealth gives physical therapists the ability to have a 'virtual visit' with their patients in the comfort of their own homes through telecommunication devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.). On a telehealth visit, your therapist can evaluate the progress you are making with their home exercise programs and to determine if changes need to be made to it. Patients also have the chance to voice any concerns they may have to their therapist and get advice to help them continue their journey back to moving to the best of their ability and with less pain.


If you would like to schedule a telehealth e-visit with your physical therapist, Her Health Physical Therapy is set-up to provide HIPAA compliant telehealth e-visits using TeleHealth. We can use this platform to provide:

  • Initial Evaluations for Physical Therapy

  • Follow up sessions for Physical Therapy

For more information, please check the following tabs:

  • Medicare Telehealth e-visits

  • Commercial Payor Telehealth (i.e. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Tricare etc…)

  • Self-Pay Telehealth 

  • Office of Civil Rights on HIPAA during the COVID 19 Crisis