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Pelvic Pain Success Stories

A patient with Pelvic pain

I came to see a perfect stranger- Had to provide intimate details of my past- I know but can never say, I can’t orgasm unless it is painful; because that is all I am worth or allowed. To simply touch down there would make an ordinary person cry; the pain. And now I have to let you touch it, hurt it, but not process it as perpetration- to feel better. I need to believe there is hope, have faith it will work, do the work- stay the course, with a perfect stranger.
The stranger became an ally.
Silently empowered.
Brought relief and shined light on dark days.
She believed
She had hope and faith.
She helped me do the work and stay the course.
It doesn’t hurt anymore.
It doesn’t have to hurt.
Thanks to the perfect ally.



Kate’s Story: You Don’t Have to Suffer in Silence

In July of 2006 I was diagnosed with Vulvar Vestibulitus Syndrome (VVS). I was completely unaware of this condition and was stunned by the news. While it was a huge relief and weight off my shoulders to finally receive a diagnosis, confusion and disappointment soon set in as I learned more about VVS. With the guidance of Dr. Richard Marvel I worked to reduce my pain as much as possible over the course of 8 months.
One of the best things Dr. Marvel did for me was to refer me to Her Health in Columbia , MD to have my pelvic floor evaluated and treated. Melissa Reinhardt and Jennifer Ortiz, both physical therapists at Her Health, are top notch and were incredibly supportive and compassionate. I found an extraordinary amount of success during my sessions with them and they always gave me as much information and time as I needed. They welcomed my husband and encouraged him to attend some of my sessions so that he could understand what was happening and even learn how to help me. Melissa and Jen are extraordinary health care providers, amazing human beings and they both fill a great need that receives little attention by the medical community and general public. Her Health truly improved the quality of my life and without them, I would be another woman bouncing from doctor to doctor, miserable and confused.
After 8 months, the reduction in general pain was a fantastic improvement mentally, emotionally and physically; but, there was one localized area—my vestibule—that was still severely painful with contact. It became obvious that the variety of treatments I tried would not eradicate my vestibular pain. I was given the option of surgery and in June of 2007 I underwent a vestibulectomy with vaginal advancement.
As you can imagine, I was extremely nervous about the surgery; I worried that I would be “messing” something up and that if the procedure didn’t work, I would either be back to square one, or would have worse pain. Fortunately for me, and for about 90% of women, the surgery was a tremendous success. I could not believe that a minor procedure could actually take away such a severe, encompassing pain. My recovery didn’t stop in the surgical room either; the aftercare I received from Dr. Marvel and his staff was phenomenal. I attended follow up appointments and continued with my physical therapy once I healed. Melissa and Jen delighted in my success and they continued to provide treatment to reduce the possibility of painful scarring and to ease muscle tension.
Today, I am pain free! I hope for more funding, more research and most of all, more awareness in the medical community so that, in the future, women do not have to suffer like so many of us have. You don’t have to suffer in silence, there is help and there is hope.




Megan's Story

As a young woman with endometriosis and pelvic congestion, I felt my life was severely limited by the pain my conditions caused. For years I suffered without even knowing what was causing such anguish. When my pelvic pain specialist finally offered me a solution through pelvic vein embolization, I jumped at the opportunity to get my life back.

The pelvic vein embolization procedure is minimally invasive and has provided me great relief. During the procedure the doctor talks you through out the process and gives you feedback about the pain in order to treat the right area. In my particular case, they inserted tiny platinum coils into the inflamed veins to enable blood flow and to prevent the painful throbbing and cramping that I would usually encounter. The recovery was not bad at all - really it felt like menstrual cramps - and I was able to return to normal activities within 2 weeks.

I cannot begin to express the relief I had when I was able to stand to teach my students and sit and have a conversation without cringing in pain. This procedure has made all the difference.



His view... (A perspective from a patient's grateful husband)

My wife C.G. was recently a patient of yours. She told me that you asked her to tell you, how she was getting on. Well, I thought I'd let you know on her behalf. Let's just say that things have turned out very, very well. She "feels" great in may ways! Between Dr. Walton's skilled surgery and your assistance with physical therapy our quality of life is superb. I also have to thank C.'s relentless dedication to following your guidance in rehabilitating herself. I think this card "says it" quite well. I hope you enjoy the humor. Life is good!!



Sexual success with physical therapy treatment -
Shortly after getting married in October of 2007, I began to realize the pain and difficulty I was experiencing during intercourse was not normal!!  I visited several physicians and gynecologists to verify that there were no anatomical problems causing my pain, and they all gave me the same answer: everything looked completely normal, and my pain was most likely due to vaginismus.  Unfortunately, none of them had any treatments to suggest to me other than a few vague references to surgery.

I began doing my own research on the internet.  I bought a few books on the subject, but trying to figure out what I was doing without any professional guidance was daunting.  I found classes and seminars dealing with vaginismus, but they were costly and out of state.  Finally, I found some references to physical therapy for pelvic pain.  I had been to Her Health before for neck pain, and Melissa did an excellent job treating me and gave me stretches and exercises that have continued to help me keep my pain at bay over the years.  I decided to check their web site to see if vaginismus was a condition that Her Health treated, and was thrilled to find they did!!

I started working with Jill, and she was a tremendous support to me over the next few months as I slowly gained control over my PC muscles.  She never rushed me into anything I wasn't ready for, and made me feel amazingly comfortable in a situation which would seem to be extremely uncomfortable.  With her help, my husband and I were finally able to have pain free intercourse by our first anniversary - and immediately conceived our first child!  We now have two children and I continue to be pain free.  We are incredibly thankful to Her Health for helping us to increase the enjoyment of our marriage and for our two precious blessings, who would not have been possible without their help!!

Thanks again!


Urinary Incontinence Success Stories

Ode to Her Health PT

Pills and surgery
Didn't do it.
Her Health, PT
Was what got me
Through it.
And thanks to Jennifer
I figured out
What this bladder of mine
Is all about!
I can sit through Church now
And do my shopping
Without a lot 
Of bathroom hopping.
So now I gratefully 
Do attest
That "Her Health PT"
Is the absolute BEST!

With thanks and gratitude, 



Irritable Bowel Syndrome Success Stories

A Patient with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I am still trying to think of the diplomatic language I will use to tell my OB-GYN (20 years, 3 deliveries) how wrong he was when he said I was wasting my time with this.  First I learned so much about the muscular structure of my pelvis that I was able to explain mystery muscle spasms, hip pain, and sometimes even abdominal cramps.  I have an overactive bladder according to the urologist and I have stress caused IBS with constipation.  Learning the connection that a tight muscle in my (?What’s the nice way to say this?) butt had to several other areas of discomfort was fascinating!  Also feeling the relief from pain after just a few stretches was great.  My tip to other IBS sufferers: My large intestine still functioning for days if I ignore my diet.  Even though Zelnorm helps – if the right amount of food isn’t there – nothing happens.


Lymphedema Success Stories

A Patient with Lymphedema

My experience…has been very positive.  I received PT…to treat lymphedema caused by axillary node dissection in the treatment of Breast Cancer.  The results of the treatment for lymphedema was more than I had anticipated.  My primary goal was to find a way to eliminate problems at night sleeping where I would wake up with pain and numbness on the right side.  Not only was this accomplished but I also have less swelling around the bra line where I was occasionally experiencing pain.  I also was very pleased to notice that my breast was softer and not so leathery.  I had thought the firmness in my breast was due to radiation therapy and didn’t realize lymphedema was causing a lot of this problem.  I now have home exercises to use for reducing the lymphedema and even my husband was shown techniques for helping the lymphatic flow.  I am also now equipped with exercises to help correct my poor posture which also contributes to the problem and has been a concern of mine for years.



Prolapse Success Story

Patient With Pelvic Floor Prolapse

My urologist referred me to Her Health for a pelvic floor prolapse after the birth of my second child. Even though I was hopeful that physical therapy would improve my condition, I was nervous because I thought it might be too embarrassing for me. I decided to go through with it and have been seeing Mandy for the past two months. She always makes me feel so comfortable and I look forward to seeing her each week. We have made a lot progress with the prolapse and it is barely noticeable now so I just completed my last appointment for pelvic floor therapy.

I have also been experiencing neck pain in recent years and decided to go to Her Health for that issue as well since I've had such a good experience there. I have already started treatment for my neck with Mandy and I'm sure we can get this under control like we did with the prolapse.

I just want to thank you for creating an environment that makes women feel comfortable coming in for physical therapy, whether it is for a female issue like my prolapse or some other condition. I didn't even know such an office existed until my urologist told me about it. I want to especially thank Mandy for being so wonderful!