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Recommended Books/Articles

1) Ever Since I had My Baby - By Roger P. Goldberg, M.D.,M.P.H. (Crown Publishing Group 2003)

This book covers topics such as reproductive health, anatomical changes that most commonly causes stress incontinence during and after childbirth, pelvic prolapse. Important tips for sex after childbirth, as well as education on pelvic reconstructive surgery are discussed.

2) Pelvic Health & Childbirth  - 
By Magnus Murphy, M.D., and Carol L. Wasson (Prometheus Books, 2003)
Covers topics related to the risks of pelvic floor injury involved with vaginal delivery. Urinary and fecal incontinence, sexual dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain and sagging, protruding pelvic organs, nerve and tissue damage, follow-up surgery and a discussion on vaginal birth versus elective cesarean are all discussed at length by the authors.

3) How to Raise Children Without Breaking Your Back - By Alex Pirie and Hollis Herman MS., PT, OCS

A body manual for new mothers and the parents of small children. It is easy to understand and immediately put to use. contains information on the postpartum body changes head to toe, stretching and strengthening exercises for life long fitness and health, along with practical tips on lifting, carrying, and nursing. Order from the author at http://www.hollyherman.com/

4) Stand Tall!  Every Woman's Guide to Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis - Written by Morris Notelvitz, M.D. with Physical Therapy Consultant, Sara M. Meeks, PT, M.S., G.C.S.

This is a thorough book on the condition of osteoporosis with information on calcium intake, medications, and bone density testing.

5) Heal Pelvic Pain - Written by Amy Stein, MPT

A great reference to explain the causes and symtoms of pelvic pain, written by a physical therapist. She provides a detailed home management plan that is especially useful in conjunction with physical therapy.